Towing Services

North Bay Truck Center and A&T Road Service have added heavy duty towing to our expansive list of services. We searched for the most flexible and useful rigs to tow the biggest trucks on the road, along with big buses, and large RV units.

A&T Road Service, a subsidiary of North Bay Truck Center, is equipped with a 2014 Kenworth with a 500 hp Cummins and 18-speed gearbox is outfitted with an NRC Quickswap detachable tow unit with a tag axle for extra capacity. This allows the truck to be a wrecker and also a transfer vehicle, so with the unit disconnected, it will tow mobile home units, trailers of all kinds and with the wrecker unit attached is capable of lifting up to 20,000 lb steer axles for heavy duty truck towing. This unit can easily tow HD trucks, buses, motor homes.

It is outfitted with tools and parts to make minor mechanical repairs. It is also equipped with extra high intensity lights for more effective and efficient night work, since A&T Road Service is available 24 hours a day.

Adding a heavy-duty truck and trailer towing service to our existing North Bay Truck Center full-service heavy and trailer truck service and repair shop, and A&T Road Service’s onsite 24-hour minor repair service seemed like a perfect fit. It has proved to be true. We are adding to our fleet of tow trucks and outfitting them for maximum flexibility to handle almost any job. We also offer short and long-distance heavy-duty truck and trailer towing and trailer transport. Anywhere in Northern California or locally in Solano County, A&T Road Service has the towing capability and fleet strength to get you to your destination.

The powerhouse in our tow fleet is truck number 32. A&T Road service is home to a 2014 Kenworth with a Cummins 500 hp engine and 18-speed transmission. The working end of this mighty tow vehicle is the NRC Quickswap unit with tag axle. This unique design allows us to tow almost anything on the road up to 20,000 lbs. steering axle trucks, buses and large RV units. The long wheelbase and the tag axle combine to allow us to tow a wide variety of units.

The unit is equipped with state-of-the-art LED lighting to light up the area needed in the night, as well as tools and equipment storage. In addition, this truck is well suited for short and long-haul jobs. With the sleeper unit, our team can tow long distance comfortably if needed, or can accommodate extra passengers on local jobs.