Who We Are

A&T “Mobile” Heavy Duty Truck & Trailer Road Service is a 24-hour, 7-days-a-week roadside mobile truck and trailer repair service for light and medium-duty to heavy-duty commercial trucks and trailers. We are dedicated to our craft and our customers, not only servicing our standard 50—60-mile Call Area radius but extending beyond our area to provide emergency services where needed.

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At A&T’s “Mobile” Truck & Trailer Road Service, we consider ourselves the “Ambulance Service for Trucks and Trailers.” When a truck is broken down, our team of experts is dispatched to perform the necessary emergency triage to get you back on the road. Emergency service includes towing, tires, load adjustments, and more. Not only do we provide 24-hour emergency service, but we also offer light mechanical work on-site to our customer’s fleet to avoid in-shop truck repairs.

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Not only do we provide 24 Hour Emergency service, but we could also come out and do light mechanical work on-site for our customer’s fleet and avoid the truck having to come in the shop.

A&T "Mobile" Heavy Duty Truck and Trailer Road Service

Road Service Details
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Service Area
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Towing Services
North Bay Truck Center and A&T Road Service have added heavy-duty towing to our overall li...
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